EDYT™ is a National Science Foundation startup providing browser-based, collaborative authoring/reviewing software for enterprises. It’s similar to Google Docs adding a layer of semantic analysis including automatic validation, auto-completion, and cross-linking for particular subject domains, provides compound document support, comes integrated with popular case management systems, and can be extensively customized. Our current focus is helping government patent offices improve their examination process through the creation of TeamPatent, a customized version of Edyt.

The Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology which drives Edyt’s semantic analysis can easily support other subject areas. In the past Edyt has been embedded at the core of a journalism startup and demonstrated for use in electronic medical records. As our development bandwidth increases we will be engaging in other customer requested projects spanning construction management, medical regulatory filings, and insurance compliance. Please contact us for more information about how Edyt can transform your enterprise or facilitate the creation of a highly differentiated product.





Rocky Kahn
Chief Executive Officer

Rocky Kahn, CTO, is the founder of Edyt, and the visionary behind its patent workbench, TeamPatent. A serial entrepreneur and inventor — Rocky holds numerous patents, including work on the modern optical mouse. Rocky is a persistent technologist who can translate business requirements into elegant solutions. Prior to Edyt, Rocky worked at Hewlett-Packard Labs both in the US and the United Kingdom.

Denise Lai
Vice President of Marketing

Denise helps technologists turn their inventions into businesses with customer-driven strategies. She has been supporting TeamPatent’s leadership and management for two years. Bringing her diverse consulting experience to Edyt, she is responsible for positioning Edyt’s growth strategy and cultivating opportunities in new and existing markets.


Kathleen Richman
Vice President of Intellectual Property

Kathleen Richman was present as Mead Data Central exploded into Lexis, serving as Senior Dir. responsible for the P&L of Lexis’ electronic, print, & CD-ROM publishing brands. She was recruited to Dialog where she served as VP, Business Affairs & Content Development; VP Intellectual Property, & Director Business Development. She served as VP of Products & Services, developing cutting edge tools for patent management at Aurigin Systems. As part of its acquisition, she moved to Thompson Scientific, where she served as VP of Integrated Solutions. She joined Edyt’s Board of Directors in 2006 and presently serves as Executive Director of LLMC, a non-profit consortium of law libraries.



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